Windows Vista Sidebar Tricks

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November 15, 2008

The sidebar is one of those killer features of Windows Vista which many people crave for. Here are some cool Windows Vista Sidebar Tricks.

1. You can Tab the one by one through the gadgets by repeated pressing of Windows key + G. Once a gadget is highlighted, you can manipulate it.

2. “Search All Gadgets” lets you bump on the gadget that you were really looking for. Pressing the Windows key lets you see only the recently installed gadgets.

3. You can restore the Gadgets in the sidebar from its Properties. Right click the sidebar and select Properties. Select maintenance and then click Restore Gadgets installed with Windows Button.

4. You can open multiple copies of the same gadget with this Windows Vista Sidebar trick. This can be done by double clicking the gadget icon more than once. If you want to have information regarding two different places, this can be useful.

5. You can also drag the Gadget to anywhere in the screen. Like for example you can have the clock at the centre of your screen dragging it all the way from the sidebar.

6. To keep Windows sidebar on the top of other windows, right click windows sidebar icon from the taskbar and select properties from the menu. Now check the option saying Sidebar always on the top of other Windows.

7. If you are using multiple monitors, Windows sidebar can be displayed on any one of them. Open up the properties of the Windows Sidebar and next to Display Sidebar on Monitor select the monitor number.

These Windows Vista sidebar tricks might be helpful to you. Hey Windows XP users! You can also enjoy a Vista like sidebar on Windows XP. gHacks explains a great way to do this. You can see how Windows Vista Sidebar can be used in Windows XP.

Anyway try out these Windows Vista sidebar tricks and discover some more for yourself.

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  • The best gadget is a clock anyway and you can have vista clock without a sidebar.

  • admin

    You have a clock in windows xp too. Not so beautiful as the one in vista but a dedicated digital clock in the taskbar is always available in XP. Well cool features in vista’s sidebar, like news, weather and many more have made people fall in love with it.

  • ladzsunico

    We have Windows XP at home. Which one is better?

  • admin

    It depends upon your choice. Some people love Vista and have ditched XP but some people still stick to XP. But for some really great features in Vista, I think Vista is better.

  • Best Registry Cleaner

    These are all great tips. Thanks for a great source.