RocketIAQ Review – Do RocketiAQ Air Filters Work?

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December 10, 2016

imgMore people are becoming aware of the benefits of air purifiers and humidifiers such as the range of Humidifiers and Air purifiers from RocketIAQ and their popularity and usage is ever increasing. It should be one’s top notch priority that the air they breathe is fresh, healthy and devoid of malignant stuff as much as possible. Fresh air not only helps you keep away from many virulent diseases but also helps in improving the longevity of your life.

In the winter, the temperature cools off and the humidity levels drop and introducing more moisture during such periods will comfort you, your family, your pets and any indoor plants as well. Besides that, cleansing the air of any airborne pollutants also keeps you and your family healthy. Introducing comfortable humidity levels(which is asserted to be somewhere around 40-60%) when they are not available naturally can help prevent dryness of skin, cough, cold, certain kinds of allergies and more. Enter the world of Air purifiers and humidifiers which help you achieve all of these. RocketIAQ is a supplier of high quality products for enhancing air quality and filtering unwanted particles from the air in your home or office. Lets take a look at some of the most popular products from RocketIAQ. You can also find a lot of RocketIAQ coupons and promo codes if you want to save some money on your purchase.

RocketIAQ Air Filters Review

This short RocketIAQ air filters review highlights some of the salient features of this filter. RocketIAQ has a wide range of Air filters. If someone in your home is suffering from conditions such as allergies or asthma, you can guess what kind of negative impacts bad quality air can have on them and deteriorate their condition. Cleanliness of the home isn’t sufficient and air full of harmful particles can increase the likehood of colds and flu. With the help of RocketiAQ air filters, you can help control the purity of the air in your home. Their whole home air purifiers are can be installed as a part of your home’s central heating/cooling system in order to properly get rid of polluted air throughout the house.

RocketIAQ mainly supply air filters manufactured by Aprilaire. Some of the most sought after air filters available via RocketIAQ are as follows:

  1. Genuine Aprilaire 213 media air filter
  2. Genuine Aprilaire 413 media air filter
  3. Genuine Aprilaire 201 media air filter
  4. Genuine Aprilaire 401 media air filter
  5. Genuine Aprilaire 501 media air filter
  6. Genuine Aprilaire 810 media air filter

All of these air filters by Aprilaire are designed for high performance contamination trapping. They have a high efficiency MERV 13 rating. They also come with Genuine Aprilaire Self Seal which ensures the best performance.

Installing Air filters from Aprilaire/RocketIAQ is quite easy. First you need to turn off the thermostat mode and turn the fan to Auto. After that, you need to install the filter with Air flow pointing towards the furnace or the air handler. After that simply remove the door and align the filter in top and bottom rails and slide into place after which you can reinstall the door. Then you can remove the dirty filter, press the reset button on the air cleaner control and expand the clean filter. After that you can return the thermostat to its original settings and it should be ready.

If you are looking for high quality Air purifiers then look no further than the ones manufactured by Aprilaire. RocketiAQ offers fast fulfilment for all Aprilaire products including their air filters and offer great customer service including a 3 day delivery with a money back guarantee if the delivery is delayed. Make sure to check our RocketIAQ promo codes if you want some discount on your purchases. Click here to learn more and buy now.