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Common Mistakes That Some Video Communication Apps Make

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October 27, 2016

When anyone is trying to get up to speed with some of the top technologies, there are more than enough ways to be successful. The important thing that any individual or any company has to remember is that there are so many options out there you simply cannot be wrong. This will undoubtedly continue to put the brunt of the issue back on the video communications developers and will force them to do whatever is necessary to make sure that their product is top quality and of the best functional design possible. Make sure you consider the following items in video communications which are the top opportunities and threats when it comes to video communications.

Too Hard To Use

According to Relaunch Your Life, there are just too many technology opportunities to learn them all. When you also consider the average age of many individuals in the workplace, then you will know just how frustrating it can be to understand brand new technology with a million and one options and even more directions just to get the thing on and running in the first place.

If you think about what the extent of technology was back in the day and even a few decades ago, then it starts to make sense why some older employees are having a difficult time keeping up. A fax machine was the pinnacle of technology, and all you have to do was put a piece of paper in the machine and hit the “fax” button. When it came to making a copy, you put a piece of paper in the machine and hit the “copy” button. And, when you wanted to make a phone call, the phone was at your desk and you dialed the number. Nothing else was needed. Start considering the present state of technology and you can see how hard it has become just to get things turned on and just to log in to your user profile.

Only One Party

The problem with many technologies is that they are supposed to effectively change and replace the way that everyday business is performed. Take the average video conferencing equipment for example and you will see that it is supposed to replace the old fashioned meetings of the past. However, many video conferencing options don’t allow for multiple parties, nor do they let too many people see each other as effectively as they would otherwise like to. When it comes too effective video communications apps like BlueJeans however, you can truly see how the ability to replace a physical and in person conference is able to happen so quickly and so simply as well.

In no time at all individuals are able to get multiple parties all into the same video conferencing room and many people are able to come and go as they see fit. Not only does this mean no one is having their time ruined as they sit around in a physical conference room, but what it also means is that people from literally all corners of the world are able to start discussing items all in a matter of minutes. Remember that video conferencing eliminates the need for travel, so if you use the right system that does have multiple party capabilities, then you can actually schedule the meeting minutes before you need to get together and speak about something important.

Make Too Many Assumptions

Technology can be a wonderful thing and the developers and creators are absolutely able to introduce a tremendous amount of efficiency into the world as a result of it. However, one thing is for certain and that is when you think about all of the things that developers can and do want to implement, sometimes they can also take things too far.

From the predictive text algorithms that are discussed in I Revolutions to simpler ones like having certain formatting, having links pop up when you hover over certain words, or even trying to learn your habits so that a computer device knows when you typically don’t use it and then installs updates at that time, all of these things could be good but are sometimes just too bold. People have their own decision making capabilities and computers can operate with too much logic and not enough understanding of peoples’ needs and lifestyle variability.

The truth of the matter is more and more organizations are seeing some video communication frustration simply because app and software creators and developers continue to push out new items instead of figuring out which ones seem to make the most sense. When you think about the capability of app developers and software companies to sort this out going forward, it should also remind you that only some of the top organizations are already doing what they are supposed to be doing in the eyes of the consumer currently.

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