3 Reasons Why I love iPad!

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June 17, 2011

One of the biggest brands in the world, Apple’s most desired gadget iPad has creates a lot of influence among the youth. Even though I bought an android tablet, I am not fully satisfied with it. My mind is urging me to go for an iPad! I love iPad for many reasons, but following are the 3 main reasons why I love iPad and why I wanted to own it 🙂


The wide range of E-reader apps on iPad put it head and shoulders above its competitors. The gorgeous color imagery of iPad makes reading through your preferred book much more enjoyable. A couple of tests around the country have proven that children work far better once they study using e-readers on iPad.

2. Battery Life

Battery life of the iPad is great. Before the iPad arrived on the scene, everyone worried about how tablet computer systems could have longer battery lives. On iPad, the battery lasts as much as 12 hrs. When Apple first began testing the iPad, they initially believed that it might only keep going for about 9 hrs. But after numerous tests, they found the battery lasted as much as 12 hrs.

3. The Cost

Before the iPad arrived on the scene, experts predicted the iPad’s least expensive cost range could be around $1000. But the iPad was made available for about $500. The cost is really suitable for those who do not have much money or for those who cannot afford to invest $1000 for an iPad. For a state of the art gadget like iPad, $500 is undoubtedly a reasonable price.

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