Microsoft Takes a Giant Leap with Windows Phone 8

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July 9, 2012

A few days back, Microsoft has made a blast by wrapping off Windows Phone 8’s software experience. It is really a massive update from Windows Phone 7.5! Don’t you believe it? It’s true! It is being said that this substantial upgrade will leave users spellbound.

Microsoft has always provided its users with updated technologies and specs through its devices. You cannot have a better understanding of the mobile OS unless you make a comparison. Let’s check out the different outstanding features of Windows Phone 8. Do they stack against iOS 6 and Android 4.0? Have a look….

Software Support

What has made Windows Phone 8 innovate and much different from the previous ones is its software. The software is upgraded to NT from Windows CE kernel. Microsoft has declared that all apps of Windows Phone 7.5 will run on Windows Phone 8.

Windows Phone 7 uses XNA and Silverlight for controlled environment. Although it was user-friendly and easy, there was lack of the potential that developers desired for. Moreover, there was almost no opportunity for reusing codes of other platforms. Get the new OS and say adieu to all these.

Moving on to the new framework gives the developers the greatest chance to use C++ and C together with DirectX and SQLite for faster and better apps. Another huge advantage Microsoft brings with this is, developers can reuse codes in Windows Phone from Windows desktop. Just run programs of Windows 8 simply on Windows Phone 8. No modifications required!

Hardware Support

Hardware support in Windows Phone is said to be limited. With greater advancement, users seem to demand original SD cards, HD screens and multi-core processors. Thanks to Microsoft, it is delivering all these stunning specs.

Windows Phone 8 supports WXGA resolution along with quad and dual core processors. iOS and Android support high resolution screens. You must have heard about Retina Display that Apple has talked of in its iPhone 4. Well, the three platforms offer you stellar screens. NT kernel support real SD card and not the half-hearted partition that Microsoft used in its earlier Windows Phones.

As a result, Windows Phone is considered to be more advanced than iPhone and also share equal footage with Android.

Home Screen

Enhanced home screen is a visible improvement in this new Windows Phone 8 from Microsoft. You will find the titles but now they have become more dynamic, rather we should say ‘usable’. Live titles? It was not a cup of tea for the Metro-styled home screen on Windows Phone. But things have really changed with new home screen. Now you have the facility to resize titles and they are shown till the edge of display. No odd gaps on right side. That’s a real cool display!

With the change in title size, the content also becomes different. Make your title bigger and the entire text message will be right on your home screen. Android too support resizable widgets and they are no doubt better customizable. In spite of that it differentiates between widgets and icons. With Windows Phone, these two concepts are combined in a new way.

On the other hand, Windows Phone has outdone iOS by its customization. The best part is that Windows Phone has not lost its aesthetic charm while offering the most adaptable home screen.

Microsoft makes a combo of the best features of both the systems. Many users are expected to jump onto Windows Phone – a leap in the real sense.

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