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Unlock iPhone 4 – An Analysis Of Risky And Useful Options

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July 9, 2012

Living in the technological age and not having knowledge about iPhone, seems weird. It doesn’t mean you should buy an iPhone and start exploring it, but general information about any latest happening in the technology industry is a must. When it comes to iPhone specifically, more than trend, it has become the need of an individual due to extra advantages it provides for personal as well as office work. However, to access special features, one has to unlock the gadget, which needs reliable software.

Among all the available options to unlock iPhone, it’s hard to choose a single one when the question is safe unlocking without damaging the device. The unlocking method that brings changes to the hardware is not suggested at all by the experts. Therefore, only that option is reliable which considers the software limitations while unlocking the gadget.

Physical Method Of Unlocking iPhone

Some people go the way of physical modifications in iPhone, here is the usual procedure followed.

  • Cut the SIM card to make it fit for the SIM tray
  • Put the SIM card into the SIM tray, after turning the gadget off.
  • Turn your iPhone on and choose the Accept option. There will appear a signal bar within 15 seconds. Call the helpline 112.
  • Go to the Airplane mode, No SIM Card message will appear within 40 seconds, Turn the Airplane mode off while ignoring any message appearing onto the screen.
  • The device will look for the chosen network provider. It’s unlocked now.

Experts are of the view that this unlocking method is not risk free and can damage the device. When one cuts the SIM card just to get it adjusted in the SIM tray, it’s unethical, as well as disastrous for the hardware. Similarly, 112 is the emergency number in many countries, so it’s unethical to dial this number just for the sale of unlocking iPhone. Therefore, it’s a not-at-all recommended method by experts for the intention of unlock iPhone 4.

Unlocking Code

Several online portals claim to provide the iPhone users with best unlocking solution. Some offer codes to unlock the device against certain amount. It’s true that there is some code to unlock the device but that can be provided only by the main network provider. If third party makes any such claim, more are the chances of that code to be fake. Such code sellers usually ask for

  • Payment in advance
  • Tell them your IMEI number of iPhone
  • Receive your unlocking code

Beware of any such solutions because once your IMEI number goes to someone over internet, you may become a victim of identity theft. If any such solution could have been possible, reversing the process i.e., locking the phone again would have been easier.

Computer Software – The Most Reliable Unlocking Method

You have read about two different methods of unlock iPhone 4 in the above lines. Both are dangerous, both are risky. Don’t worry; here is the best solution for your unlocking iPhone problem, which is the use of computer software. Such a software is also available over World Wide Web with numerous facilities. Most of the times, jail breaking and unlocking services are provided in the same program, which is beneficial for the iPhone owner. One can download tethered jailbreak or baseband updates without worrying about any harm to the device. Don’t consider it a cheap unlocking option, as you have to pay certain amount to the seller against the software as well as the technical support provided for the purpose of unlocking iPhone.

From the lines above, you have gained information about risky and useful ways to unlock iPhone. It’s clear now where to go for purchasing the best iPhone unlock software, instead of playing in the hands of some fraudulent people, with little knowledge of technology.

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