The Highs and Lows of iOS 6

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October 8, 2012

When a new iOS is released there are always mixed reviews. Some people praise it. Other people bash it for what it fails to do. Some people look at their old iOS and wonder if they should upgrade. There is a lot of wonder about whether the new system will match what the old system was able to do. So much speculation is in the air. No one really seems to know what they expect. They can speculate, but they really just have to get the new iPhone or download the new iOS 6 to find out for themselves.

Google vs. iPhone

The first big thing that has consumers in an uproar about the new iOS 6 was the removal of the street view maps by Google. This was really a terrible way to release a new operating system. Apple iPhone users are loyal, but there was a certain case of familiarity that was lost without the Google street view maps. Apple didn’t totally leave people helpless though. There was the invention of Apple maps for navigation, but this application – from the perspective of most fans – was a terrible replacement.

There has been a war that has come about between Google and Apple now that Google has developed serious contenders for the iPad and the iPhone. Google pulled their maps before the iOS 6 release. Millions of people still waited in line to buy the the iPhone 5 with the iOS 6 software, but people that wanted navigational maps were sick.

Fortunately, the dispute has been resolved – to an extent – and Google has released the street view app for the Apple users to enjoy again. This was something that caused a big stir and actually made people overlook all the other things that the new operating system actually has to offer.

Siri is Back and Better than Before

When Siri was introduced with the iPhone 4S it got a lot of buzz. There were commercials about this that made people stand up and take notice. It was as if something new and exciting had been done in the world of smart phone technology. The buzz slowly died down, however, when Android phones repeated this and came up with better technology that out shined the Siri feature. Apple did not give up, however, because the Siri feature is back and better than before.

Technology has been tweaked a little and now the world of Apple users are taking an interest in it again. The new iOS 6 is reported to understand more languages and work in more countries. This is a big deal now that the iPhone has become a worldwide resource for smart phone users.

Passport for Travelers

The new iOS 6 allow comes equipped with the Passport app. This is a great feature that allows people to put all of their apps in one place. This makes it easy for people to organize better and make better scheduling decisions based on their virtual ticket information.

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