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Android Jelly Bean 4.1 Vs iOS 6

Android’s Jelly Bean is currently available on a select few Smartphones and has a very small market share in comparison to the iOS 5. Further, it is highly unlikely that Jelly Bean will make it older Smartphones considering that the costs for mobile handset manufacturers to do so would be prohibitive. We have seen the new iOS 6 only in its beta form when it was showcased a few months ago as slated for release on the iPhone 5. The things that we can compare between both these mobile OS are limited to what we know of the iOS 6 from the public demo.

The Highs and Lows of iOS 6

When a new iOS is released there are always mixed reviews. Some people praise it. Other people bash it for what it fails to do. Some people look at their old iOS and wonder if they should upgrade. There is a lot of wonder about whether the new system will match what the old system was able to do. So much speculation is in the air. No one really seems to know what they expect. They can speculate, but they really just have to get the new iPhone or download the new iOS 6 to find out for themselves.