Top 5 Trading Apps for the iPhone

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June 14, 2011

Trading financial markets has never been easier. In times past, if you wanted to make an adjustment to your investment portfolio, you needed to put a call in to your broker or financial planner. Not anymore. In today’s hi-tech world, you can literally move millions of dollars with the swipe of a finger on your mobile device. In this article, we are going to discuss the top 5 trading apps for the iPhone.

Bloomberg iPhone App: Keeping in touch with emerging market fundamentals is one of the most important aspects of a serious trader’s daily routine. Bloomberg has built its reputation on supplying the market with up-to-date, cutting edge financial information. Its app is incredible. The day that Bin Laden was killed by U.S. forces, I received a news flash to my phone the moment it hit the general public. If you are a Bloomberg subscriber, you will be able to access your account via the app as well.

Reuters iPhone App: Similar to Bloomberg, Reuters is widely considered one of the best sources of financial analysis and data. Traders can access market analysis across multiple asset classes, track stock and commodity quotes, and read through the emerging fundamentals region by region. The Reuters app also makes videos available that discuss specific economic situations and recap news events. The app is also highly customizable, so you can control what feeds into your phone and how your homepage is set up.

E*Trade iPhone App: As we stated at the beginning of this article, traders can now open and close positions in their investment portfolio with the swipe of a finger, and this is very easy to do for those who hold an E*Trade account. E*Trade is widely considered as one of the most user-friendly mobile trading platforms. Traders can access real-time price quotes, market analysis, and their personal trading accounts where, they can open new positions and manage existing ones.

Oanda FX iPhone App: Oandao is considered one of the most reputable online forex brokers in the world, and it has brought its popular user experience to the mobile world with its iPhone app. Traders can access real-time currency quotes. Oanda has also made it possible to trade a demo account or live account from the iPhone.

Trade Interceptor iPhone App: Many active forex traders simply want to be able to access reliable charting on their phones. This makes it possible to track candle closes and market action throughout the day when they are away from the trading terminal. Trade Interceptor is the best charting package available for fx prices. The app allows the user to choose a price feed from several different brokers, and then access charts with the price feed. This makes it possible to check prices and spreads between several competing brokers.

The investment world has been transformed by the advance of technology, and today it has never been easier to track the market and manage positions.

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