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Barack Obama does an AMA on Reddit

How many of you use Reddit? Reddit is one of the most visited sites on the internet and one can find topics ranging from technology to politics to humor. A popular section on Reddit is the AMA(Ask me Anything) section. It is a subreddit where people summon others to ask them questions regarding their profession. Barack Obama has just done an AMA on Reddit which has already gained about 20000 comments at the time of writing this post.

Your Guide to Tech Meet Ups

Tech Meet Ups are becoming more and more popular as like minded individuals with a passion for technology share their interests and knowledge. It is also a platform where companies can have a few minutes to demonstrate their latest creations in front of an appreciative audience. MeetUps can take place in any city, in any country as the objective is to get people together to learn from each other. It gives attendees an opportunity to discover what communities are around them in their local area. There are no restrictions involved and every aspect of technology is open for discussion.

It’s Time to Talk with Your Televisions

Where are the VCRs, VCPs, typewriters and the pagers of yesterday? Strange but true – developments in technology keeps appearing now and then but they keep disappearing over a period of time as well. Curiously enough, there were number of wonderful inventions that are nowhere today and a number of other electronic stuff that are all set to become extinct sooner or later.

Microsoft says no cupcakes for Firefox 8

Microsoft seems to have decided against its tradition of sending cupcakes to Mozilla for each version of their Firefox release. For the latest release of Firefox i.e. Firefox 8, Microsoft didn’t send any cupcakes Mozilla’s way.

Google Introduces programming language Dart

For programmers, there are lots of programming languages to choose from. Java, C#, Python etc. are some of the most popular programming languages in the current scenario. Amidst the hordes of all the prevailing programming languages, Google has just introduced a programming language and it is known as Dart.

This is what is happening to Your Pagerank

There has been a lot of confusion and uproar in the SEO world today due to what so many people think as Google stopping pagerank. I woke up this morning to the news. The death of Steve Jobs was really sad news for me in the first place, only for me to check my dick blick discount and istockphoto coupon blog to discover that my pagerank isn’t active again. I thought maybe there is a problem with the plugin I’m using to check my pagerank so I decided to use a pagerank checker site only to get an error that my pagerank can’t be found. I tried checking some of my other blogs, and also some of the favorite websites I visit regularly only to see that they all don’t have any pagerank.

Windows 8 Revealed on Video

Windows 8, the upcoming OS from Microsoft and rumors have it that Windows 8 will also have the live tiles feature as in Windows Phone 7. But until the official release of the OS, nothing can be said more about how it would look like. But Microsoft Developer Evangelist J. Michael Palermo IV(former MVP &RD) has given some important details on Windows 8 in an interview by Spike Xavier at Interface’s Tech Immersion 2011.

Video embedding and link previews in Facebook comments

Video embedding and link previews in Facebook comments
We all are familiar with how one can tag a friend on a Facebook comment, i.e. by using the @ symbol and typing the name of the friend. But Facebook has recently introduced a new feature that automatically embeds flash videos from external link and/or show preview of the link shared in comments.

Mark Zuckerberg has the highest number of followers on Google+

Google+’s rival numero uno Facebook’s owner Mark Zuckerberg is also on Google+. But you’d be surprised to know that Mark Zuckererg has the highest number of followers on Google+ followed just by Google’s co-owner Larry Page.

Microsoft wins the best Cloud Service Award

With largely developing cloud computing technology, cloud services are also strengthening everyday. Microsoft has been awarded with the best cloud service award. The best cloud service awards were presented at the 3rd Annual cloud computing World Forum on 21st June 2011. The ceremony was held in Olympia London.