Test what features of CSS3 your browser supports

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February 6, 2012

CSS3 is becoming more popular everyday with more designers attracted to it. CSS3 has not quite dominated CSS2 in a widespread manner because of less people using CSS3 compatible browsers. If you are tech-savvy, you must already be using one of the popular browsers like Chrome and Firefox, the latest versions of which support CSS3. But you can’t be quite sure if your browser supports all the features of CSS3. If you want to see what features of CSS3 your browser supports, just head over to CSS3 Test.

Running the test is pretty easy; simply open up the site and you’ll be shown the percentage of CSS3 features that your browser supports. CSS3 Test performs a test on your browser to see what percentage of the total features it supports. It checks for properties such as background-repeat, background-clip, border-radius, border-image-source etc under Backgrounds and Borders test. It also tests image values and replace content attributes such as linear-gradient, image() etc. Not just that it also looks for Selectors properties, Basic User Interface, Transitions, Animations such as sibling combinatory, box-sizing and more.

You can do a CSS3 test on Chrome or CSS3 Test on Firefox or any other browser that you use. I just did a test on Firefox 9 and it scored 58%. On the other hand, Google Chrome 16 scored 62%. Google Chrome seems to be on the stronger side when it comes to CSS3 support. You are also shown the percentage of each property such as background and borders, image values and replaced content etc. your browser supports.

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