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Business Software Buying Guide

Buying business software is a big decision. Whether you’re self employed, run a small business, or have purchasing power within a large company, the impact that your purchasing decisions can have is huge. Business software can be incredibly expensive, both in up-front cost, implementation cost, and in terms of its long term impact on the business. If you make the right decision, you can save your company a fortune. The wrong decision could drive the company into the ground.

What HR software can do for you

The modern organisation probably makes use of all of the latest advancements in technology: cloud computing, video conferencing, instant messaging, smartphones; the list goes on and on.

8 Commercial Services to Monitor Your Family’s Time Online

You want your children to have the best online experiences available, but you realize that you must take certain security measures to keep your family safe from online predators. You want to filter the unsavory or unwarranted content as well as monitor their usage. Fortunately, there are applications and services which will monitor your child’s activity and report back to you. Here is a list of some commercial programs designed to keep your children safe.