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The Post-Penguin State of Domain Names

The past 15 months have been tumultuous for all of us in the internet world,enduring the unexpected aftermath of Google’s Panda and Penguin updates. Post-panda, parked domains stopped ranking in the search engines. No doubt, if you venture out into digital world, you accept the roller coaster ride offered up by the ever-changing landscape of the search results. We unknowingly face hundreds of algorithm changes each year without much ado, but the latest Penguin update represents a new era in Google bombs for most website owners.

Are Domain Names Like Real Estate?

When comparing the similarities between domain names and real estate it is clear that domain names are like real estate in almost every sense. Although there are some distinctions between real estate and domain names, there are only a few major distinctions. When reviewing the similarities between domain names and real estate most would have to agree that there are more similarities between the two than dissimilarities.

How I moved from my old domain to this one

After being on my old domain http://www.bishaladhikary.com.np for a couple of months, I finally decided to move to this one. Actually my friend Ghtozkat suggested me that as the domain was a country domain of Nepal, the traffic would be targeted to Nepal by default. So, he suggested me to move to a new domain .com, .net or .org and so I moved my Wordpres blog to this domain. Well I had to go through a lot of processes to get all my previous posts on this domain and then finally redirect my old domain to this.