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WinX DVD Ripper Platinum – A Fast Reliable DVD Ripping Software for Windows

The practice of carrying and storing DVDs are becoming less popular by the day. Many laptop manufacturers have given up integrating DVD drives in the systems, one among which is Apple itself. They have removed the optical drive from the new range of Macbook pros. People have taken file storage to the cloud and their hard disks with massive storage capacities. In light of this fact, DVD ripping software are becoming more popular to store your favourite old movies to your hard disks and do away with the DVDs. If you are also looking for a reliable DVD ripping software, WinX DVD Ripper Platinum would be a good pick.

Ways of Converting Old Films to DVD

Gone are the good old days when you could watch your favorite movie in analogue-tape format. These so-called video cassettes were popular during the 1980’s through mid-1990’s, and are notable for their not-so-convenient features such as needing to be “rewound” if you want to watch the film from start to finish.

How to Burn DVDs? Let’s Count the Ways

Finding many ways to burn a DVD is not as hard as it used to be. Programs have become very user friendly whether you are running Windows, Linux or a Mac. The following tips explain how it is done and what software you can use.

Why Convert DVD to AVI Video Format?

Today the increasing number of cinephiles all over the world stimulates the concerned parties to distribute the DVDs illegally for their private gain. In addition the video sharing websites have become a main source of free videos that is accessible in different countries worldwide. But the real video fans, film collectors and connoisseurs of world cinema can’t be satisfied with doubtful video quality and virus infections.

CD Duplication – How To Look For The Ideal Provider

Anyone can do duplication. In fact, a seven year old child can do the copying of a CD. But, when it comes to DVD and CD duplication for company purposes, you should not entrust the task to a kid or your friend.