Why Convert DVD to AVI Video Format?

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July 17, 2012

Today the increasing number of cinephiles all over the world stimulates the concerned parties to distribute the DVDs illegally for their private gain. In addition the video sharing websites have become a main source of free videos that is accessible in different countries worldwide. But the real video fans, film collectors and connoisseurs of world cinema can’t be satisfied with doubtful video quality and virus infections.

In order to secure the video distribution the copyright owners protect their DVDs with DRM. Digital Rights Management is a protecting system that limits the use of DVD content in accordance with copyright agreements introducing the intellectual property law. In this way digital rights management restricts you from absolutely legal things like making DVD copies, transferring it to your computer or sharing the purchase with friends. So what to do in such case? The only way out is to rip DVD to overcome the digital locks. By surfing the internet you can find a great number of DVD rippers, converters and other stuff easily.

Why Convert Your DVD to AVI DivX?

AVI or Audio Video Interleaved encoding format is the best choice for copying your DVD to the hard drive memory. First of all, it’s convenient for saving the space and preserving the original file quality. Secondly by giving preference to AVI video format you will be able to edit the copied video using any program or application. Mind it that the choice of DVD ripper is not the last thing to do. Before downloading or purchasing the program make sure that it contains the conversion option and supports AVI digital encoding format. Then check the information concerning the secure downloading and program installation on your PC. You can visit the program official website or overview the comments left by software users and customers. Every high-ranking program offers the free trail mode for you to test the functionality and other desired features. As for me, the main thing is the software capability to rip DVD slightly without damaging or corrupting the video content. Without any doubt the output file quality should be as the original one. Fortunately, nowadays we can unprotect and save the DVD videos with no headaches, thanks to the highly professional software development!

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