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Design Web icons with X Icon Editor

How fond are you of web icons? If you love them, you must have downloaded web icons time and again that look more or less appealing to you. X Icon Editor is a free HTML5 web application that lets you design web icons in a jiffy.

How to share an uploaded document on Google Docs or Zoho for Collaborative editing

Zoho or Google Docs are popular not only because of their online editing and storage features but also because of document sharing and collaborative editing functionalities. But at times, you also need to create documents on computer using Word or some other software like OpenOffice. Direct uploading of such documents will hamper document editing capabilities in Google Docs or Zoho. Here are a few things that should be kept in mind.

How to preview post as you type in WordPress

In the draft mode in Wordpress, you click on the Preview Post link to see how your post would look like after being published. But isn’t it a bit tedious to preview the post each time while drafting? Wouldn’t you love it if you could “see as you type” how your post would appear on the blog? A few modifications in the stylesheet and a few tweaks here and there will let you have the benefit.