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Design Web icons with X Icon Editor

How fond are you of web icons? If you love them, you must have downloaded web icons time and again that look more or less appealing to you. X Icon Editor is a free HTML5 web application that lets you design web icons in a jiffy.

Gmail and Google Reader’s favicons are more than just that

Favicons instantly help us which website is contained in a tab. Gmail’s Favicon can be more than just a favicon. It can be very informative in terms of showing the number of unread emails. Google Reader’s favicon can also be used in a similar manner. This can be done easily with a Firefox plugin and a handy greasemonkey script.

Google changed its favicon

Google has come up with new logo, precisely the favicon. Many of you must have noticed that the blue “g” sign that used to appear on your address bar (which is the Google’s favicon) just before the URL of Google, has been replaced by a motley favicon with a white “g” in the foreground and the colors blue green yellow and red as the background. Most of the Google services now have the same favicon.

How to add a Favicon to your blog

Favicons are very useful because they add a touch of professionalism in your site and if saved in .ico format they can also be used as desktop shortcuts for your site. The main advantage however is that it makes the viewers easy to locate your site in Bookmarks or favorites list. Here I’ll show you how to add these favicons to your sites.