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Cloud storage: Which service is best for me?

This year saw the release of Google and Microsoft’sonline storage service apps (Google Drive and SkyDrive respectively). This has meant that the idea of cloud storage is becoming a much more accepted one for both home and office users – however, it’s still a bit of a minefield when it comes to choosing what’s best for you.

Does Dropbox see Google Drive as Its biggest Threat?

Google is a jack of all trades and King of none when it comes to social networking. They launched Orkut then and Google+ in the recent years; both have been surpassed by other social networking websites. There have always been high expectations when Google introduced something new. There were similar expectations when Google entered the cloud storage market and introduced Google Drive. However, it looks like Google is not competing in the same realm of the cloud storage market. Drive has been designed as a supplement to support Google’s services like Google Docs and other services.