Does Dropbox see Google Drive as Its biggest Threat?

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July 19, 2012

Google is a jack of all trades and King of none when it comes to social networking. They launched Orkut then and Google+ in the recent years; both have been surpassed by other social networking websites. There have always been high expectations when Google introduced something new. There were similar expectations when Google entered the cloud storage market and introduced Google Drive. However, it looks like Google is not competing in the same realm of the cloud storage market. Google Drive has been designed as a supplement to support Google’s services like Google Docs and other services.

Google Drive is considered to be the advanced version of Google docs. You can store any document you wish: photos, videos, files, etc. in one place. It keeps track of your changes too, if you make any tweaks to your documents, Google Drive keeps track of the 30-day revisions. There are both free and premium options available in Google Drive.

Dropbox allows you to store all your documents like photos, videos, docs, etc. You can access your files from anywhere. That is, if you save any file in your Dropbox, it automatically gets saved to your computer, phones and Dropbox’s website. It is easy to share the files that you have stored with others. You can always backup your files in Dropbox. You can retrieve files you delete accidentally. In case, you lose all your files, you can retrieve the same file from Dropbox.

Both cloud storages are a lot similar. However, there are chances for Dropbox users to switch to Google Drive as it offers storage options at affordable rates. However, Google has a huge hurdle to cross with their Google Drive. There is no guarantee for privacy (offered by Dropbox) with Google’s terms and conditions. Google reserves the right to your content once you upload it on Google Drive. This is necessary for Google to convert videos for playback on your browser and to convert PDF documents and photos to text documents. Google has clarified on their terms stating that files in Google Drive are not going to be used for any advertising purposes.

In short, Google Drive is an excellent add-on for people using Google products. However, Google has nailed it big time with Google Drive’s futuristic android integration and something Dropbox doesn’t have. This is going to be a big threat to Dropbox in the future. I would like to end it with “May the best service win.”

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