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Plot a heart curve on Wolfram Alpha

When it comes to Wolfram Alpha its mostly about measurement and precision. Do you know that Wolfram Alpha can plot a heart curve, the symbol of love from a complex mathematical equation? Impress your beloved this Valentine’s day by telling her the mathematics behind the love symbol.

Wolfram Alpha in a nutshell – Explanatory video

Wolfram Alpha is the world’s first and most powerful computational search engine. Wolfram Alpha can do complex mathematical calculations and can do a lot many things. Wolfram Alpha can give you answers related to various fields like computing, astronomy, mathematics, agriculture etc. Here’s a great explanatory video on Wolfram Alpha that tells what Wolfram Alpha is in a nutshell.

Online scientific calculator

Calcoolate lets us use a virtual scientific calculator online. You can directly input mathematical commands from the keyboard. The tool looks clean as there are no digits, just a handful of buttons for mathematical functions like sin, cos, tan, log etc. Its best for doing simple calculations.