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How to Boost your computer speed using Regedit

It is extremely easy to speed up your computer by tweaking only a handful of default system setting in Windows 7 OS. To make windows more appealing to our eyes, by default a number of unnecessary settings are pre-programmed in Windows 7 which can be tweaked or disabled only in a few mouse clicks in regedit.

Average webpage size increased five folds since 2003

The average size of a web page has increased by more than five times since 2003. The average size of a webpage used to be about 93.7 KB in 2003 while now it is about 507 KB. Doing the maths, we get around 5.4 times increment in the size of a webpage. When the data as of now was evaluated with that of 1995, a whopping 35 times increment in size was seen for a single web page. This is just about size. The web components have tremendously increased in the recent years and since 2003, the average number of objects per page has more than doubled.

Increase your internet speed

Internet speed varies with places. In some countries the speed is amazingly fast while in some people still are compelled to hook up with very slow connection speeds. Some tips mentioned below can give you a bit faster browsing experience if you are on a slow connection: