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Redirect WordPress sitemap from non www to www version without getting stylesheet error

On Wordpress , if you have set the www version as the default canonical URL and have redirected the non-www version to the prior, you’ll get an error saying that the sitemap’s stylesheet is missing. Same is the case if you set non-www as default and redirect the www version to the prior. The sitemap thus won’t load. This can cause a problem while submitting sitemaps to Webmasters or other places if you don’t use the default canonical URL form. Well here is a trick to fix it.

How to preview post as you type in WordPress

In the draft mode in Wordpress, you click on the Preview Post link to see how your post would look like after being published. But isn’t it a bit tedious to preview the post each time while drafting? Wouldn’t you love it if you could “see as you type” how your post would appear on the blog? A few modifications in the stylesheet and a few tweaks here and there will let you have the benefit.