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usenext - a usenet service provider

UseNeXt – A powerful newsreader for Usenet

Many of you must be familiar with Usenet, a discussion system on the internet that was born around 1979. It is much like a predecessor to the present day bulletin boards or forums. UseNeXT is a service provider that allows members to gain access to the files on Usenet. Both copyrighted and non copyrighted files are available for download via UseNeXT. Using the software, you can gain access to over 60K newsgropus on Usenet. The Usenet servers have large files stored on their servers which are split into smaller bits as RAR archives. These are later on joined together using PAR files or the parity files.

How to Pick a Usenet Service Provider

We’ve all been there, waiting for hours while a file finishes downloading. The little green bar of progress slowly crawling its way toward completion. But it doesn’t have to be this way. There is a way for you to download at speeds as fast as your Internet provider will allow. And that way is Usenet.