UseNeXt – A powerful newsreader for Usenet

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November 6, 2012

Many of you must be familiar with Usenet, a discussion system on the internet that was born around 1979. It is much like a predecessor to the present day bulletin boards or forums. UseNeXT is a service provider that allows members to gain access to the files on Usenet. A large number of files are available for download via Usenet. Using the software, you can gain access to over 60K newsgropus on Usenet. The Usenet servers have large files stored on their servers which are split into smaller bits as RAR archives. These are later on joined together using PAR files or the parity files.

usenext - a usenet service providerWhat makes UseNeXT different from others is their custom software that runs on the client’s side unlike other providers. A large number of files are posted on Usenet newsgroups that can be downloaded through UseNeXT’s servers. UseNeXT offers a software that can be installed on your computer to access various newsgroups and browse or download files.

UseNeXT has been known as a popular service provider for and has been in the scene for over 8 years. They have eight server farms worldwide and allow upto 30 concurrent connections. One can have upto 2,000 Kbps download speed and 600GB per month. UseNeXT offers three different standard membership packages: the 30GB per month plan that comes for 9,95€/month, the 80GB/month plan coming for 14,95€/month and the 250GB per month plan coming for 24,95€/month. It also offers a free trial for those who want to try out the service. It allows you to download upto 300GB of data during the trial period.

After installing the UseNeXT software,  you are prompted to create an account or login to your account if you already have one. Once you enter, you will be greeted with a list of newsgroups on the left hand pane and another list of active topics in the central part. You can use the search feature to search for files which may be music, videos or others. You can also use the search feature in the newsgroups section to search for discussions on various topics. For quick access to various files or filegroups, you can simply click on the categories like Music, Videos etc. The download speeds are incredibly fast as claimed by UseNeXT. What could take hours to download via other Usenet providers can be downloaded within minutes using UseNeXT.

The software also has a chat feature that can be started by clicking on the chat button at the top. Once you open the chat Tab, you will see a list of online users on the right hand pane. The “Files” button will open a tab with a list of your downloaded files. You can search for specific files right from there using the file search feature. The settings button will allow you to set the download folder, default language, change chat and notification settings, webserver and proxy servers etc. Each of the sections like Chat, Files, transfer list etc. open in separate tabs, making it easy to access each.

UseNeXT is a very powerful and handy software for downloading files as well as accessing the newsgroups on Usenet.

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