EaseUS Data Recovery Software Review

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September 13, 2016

EaseUS review – Data recovery software that works

When was the last time you accidentally deleted a file that was very important to you and you felt devastated? Recovery software have been around for a long time and there are a ton of software options for recovering your files. However, not all of those live up to the expectations – I have experienced many instances of exasperation when I couldn’t recover my deleted files even after spending hours on end, no matter what software I used. So its very important that you choose a proper software for your data recovery needs. One such software is the Easeus Free Data Recovery software. And best of all, its free for use.

EaseUS Hard Disk recovery software had a great recovery rate, almost 99%. We tested the software on a number of popular file formats including, DOCX, JPG, PNG, PDF, XLSX, PSD, PNG etc. The software recovered almost all of our lost files. Using the software is pretty straightforward; you can simply download it, give it a directory to scan files in and let it perform the scan. Its also faster than most other data recovery tools out there.


Once you install the software, you will get to choose all different file formats that you wish to recover. These include graphics, audio, video, documents or even emails. After that you can simply select the hard drive from which you want to recover the files and begin the scan. Its that simple.

Preview Files

Once the scan begins, it will start displaying the files recovered and you can also take a quick preview of the files recovered. The software also offers a deep scan mode which you can use if you want to look for files that are much older or to recover the ones that couldn’t be recovered using the normal scan. However, the deep scan will take longer to complete the scanning process.

The free version of EaseUS data recovery software has a recovery limit of 500MB of data. If you share EaseUS on social media, you will get an extra 1.5GB increasing the recovery limit to 2GB. If you are looking for a one time recovery or just want to recover smaller sized files then the free version can be good for a limited time. But if you are a serous user, the premium version is the only choice. The premium version has no limit in terms of the data that can be recovered. It offers lifetime upgrades so you are covered that way as well.

You can run EaseUS data recovery software on any device including desktops, external hard drives, USB drives and more.

Recovering files after system crash

EaseUS has a great feature which allows you to recover data from Bootable media. Of course, you can recover data even after you format your computer and then run EaseUS but the chances of losing your data that way are higher. It should also be noted that once you lose any important data, immediately using a recovery software like EaseUS increases the likelihood of recovering the data rather than doing it at a later time. So, this software offers the option to recover files even after system crash will be a godsend if you have lost very important data on a corrupted system. However, this option needs to be purchased separately.

EasUS Data recovery uses safe and non destructive recovery methods and it can automatically skip bad sectors for quick scanning.

Saving recovery process

If the recovery is taking a very long time, you can also pause or save it so that you can continue it at a later time. Very few recovery software offer this option.

All in all, EaseUS data recovery is a great software to quickly recover your lost files. Although the premium version comes at a price and isn’t free, it is far better than the hordes of free options out there. You can take a test drive of the software by trying out the free version – that should give you a good idea of how the software functions.

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