How to Create a Stereo Video From any Online Video

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November 28, 2011

How many times have you been sitting home bored and thinking of something new and funny? We have got a solution on how to amuse your friends and spend your time having lots of fun. If you and your buddies are fed up with traditional TV and DVD video, you will be surprised to know you can make 3D stereo video from any online video for watching it on your home TV. All you need is simple anaglyph (red-cyan) glasses, you can buy them for a small price anywhere including ebay and online stores or even make them by yourself, with a few easy to find tools.

You can make a stereo video from any video you want – movie, music video, video tutorial or sport event. Just choose the video you want to watch with friends and follow this two easy steps.

Downloading Online Videos

 There are many web video services that allow you to watch video online. If you have no time or your internet connection is slow, you can download online video for watching later.

 We know two most popular methods of online video downloading:

Online Video Downloading services – web sites where you paste a link to the video, the video is converted to the appropriate format and you download converted video. The benefit of this method is it’s accessibility. The disadvantage is that such services allow you to download videos only from most popular web sites such as YouTube, Google Video and a few more.

Video Downloading Software – simple programs that download videos from a large array of web sites directly to your PC and convert them to popular video file formats. Benefits of this method are that such programs are easy to use, support a lot of web video formats and you don’t need to keep the Internet browser open while the video is downloaded. A popular Online Video Downloader is RipTiger, you can try it for free to learn more about this method of downloading.

Converting Video to Stereo

 So you have your video downloaded to your hard drive. Now it’s time for the second step – converting simple video to stereo 3D format. We recommend using a special tool for this – 3D Video Converter. This simple program with clear interface will convert any video to 3D in a few mouse clicks. All you need is to choose file you want to convert and the program will do everything automatically.

 Now you are ready to 3D party so invite your friends and enjoy!

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