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Free online video ripper

We often come across funny, quirky videos on the internet. From music videos to how-to tutorials, one can find videos on almost any topic on the website. Besides Youtube, there are various other websites like Dailymotion, Vimeo etc. that have useful quality videos. Many a times, we come across really great videos and wish to download them for future viewing. However, the online video streaming sites don’t offer an option to download by default. But luckily, there are many third party websites that allow you to download videos from many of the online video streaming sites like Youtube. One among them is Video Ripper, a really handy online tool that lets you download videos off Youtube, Google sites, Vimeo and a handful of other video streaming websites.

How to allow users to download after submitting Email address in WordPress

Wordpress these days is used to created almost any kind of website. And the best thing about Wordpress is that, you absolutely don’t need to be a programmer to create a cool looking and functional website. There are thousands of plugins available in the Wordpress plugin directory that allow you to do a myriad of things with just a few mouse clicks.

Downloading Online Cartoon Games on Mobile Phone is Quite Easy

Online cartoon games may be downloaded to the mobilephone, or streamed over a data connection for live play. The former method ensures that a finite packet of data is sent to the phone, so the user knows how much of his or her data allowance has been eaten up by the transfer – after that, he or she should theoretically be able to play his or her games with no further requirements from the data provider.

Somoto Review

The more you interact with your customers or potential customers, the higher the probability that you can convince them that you have something that they need. The Somoto Toolbar has been developed with social media at its heart but an extensive set of additional functionality at its core.

How to Make Sure Your Computer is Never Infected with Virus

With the internet growing rapidly and the use of email services expanding, viruses are also spreading fast and easily. Viruses can cause terrible problems that can lead to one losing his/her confidential documents to a waiting hacker, looking for every possible opportunity to hack into your account.

Tech Tips for Managing Money

If you need help in managing your money or credit cards, there are many different avenues that you can take. If you like technology, you can use your iPhone or other smart phone device to help you manage money.

Downloading files off the internet using Generalfiles

We all need to download files from the internet almost everyday. Sometimes, the files that we are looking for are readily available and can be found with a few button clicks. But finding some other ones could be a herculean task. Not just that, one should also be aware of malwares with deceptive names. If you are looking for a suitable place to download your required files, here are some sources.

How to Create a Stereo Video From any Online Video

How many times have you been sitting home bored and thinking of something new and funny? We have got a solution on how to amuse your friends and spend your time having lots of fun. If you and your buddies are fed up with traditional TV and DVD video, you will be surprised to know you can make 3D stereo video from any online video for watching it on your home TV. All you need is simple anaglyph (red-cyan) glasses, you can buy them for a small price anywhere including ebay and online stores or even make them by yourself, with a few easy to find tools.

How to Pick a Usenet Service Provider

We’ve all been there, waiting for hours while a file finishes downloading. The little green bar of progress slowly crawling its way toward completion. But it doesn’t have to be this way. There is a way for you to download at speeds as fast as your Internet provider will allow. And that way is Usenet.

Download your data from Google using Google Takeaway

We all are thankful to Google for the hordes of services they provide ranging from Google Search itself to Gmail, Picasa, Buzz and more. Google offers Google Takeaway, a service that lets you download your data scattered across various services from Google.