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How Mobile Apps are Changing Blogging Forever

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December 15, 2011

Any one who blogs knows that delivering a constant flow of content for your readers is a difficult, though absolutely necessary endeavor. If you don’t post enough, readers will get bored, and even so much as a week’s worth of silence on your blog can lead to dwindling numbers. Apart from remembering that a day in the real world is a week by online standards, what else can you do to make sure your readers are satisfied?

Do me a favor and reach into your pocket. Odds are the first thing you’re bound to touch is your phone. If you are a blogger, it might surprise you to learn that several fantastic blogging resources (such as WordPress) are now available as apps on your Android, iPhone or what have you. With this advancement in tech has come a convenience many of us might have thought would never come.

Really, mobile blogging is an obvious step for our industry to take. With the rise of tablets like the iPad or Samsung Galaxy, it’s only natural that blogs step away from the confines of a PC or laptop, which can be burdensome to carry around. Thanks to on-phone applications, bloggers can take their blogs wherever they go – so long as there is a wireless source around.

Being able to blog on the go means being able to write posts as they come to you, but it also means so much more. Now, wherever you find yourself, you can record history on your blog before it ever becomes breaking news on TV. The photo of NASA’s final shuttle launch can best represent this, as it was viewed (and captured) by an amateur photographer by the name of Stephanie Gordon using only her iPhone.

While it may not seem like much to the jaded viewer, this photo is noteworthy for two reasons: First and foremost, there is no other photo of the Endeavor launch from this vantage point. Secondly, within the time it took Stephanie to take this photo, tweet it, and land at her destination, her photo has been re-tweeted by NASA – along with several hundred thousand other twitter users. It has become the photo people will turn to when they consider this chapter of NASA’s history.

As you can see, the ability to share our blogs (be they visual or verbal, and everything in between) from any place on Earth is an amazing opportunity. Consider any one whom blogged from the heart of the Occupy Wall Street Movement; whether or not you agree with their views, you cannot deny that they failed to update the world on the events as they happened. They stayed neck-and-neck, and in some cases a step ahead, of the major news outlets.

Wherever you go, you can blog as you roam. While it seems like a convenience and little else, I promise you that taking advantage of this ability will improve your blog’s performance. We are bloggers, and we’re no longer tied to our desks.

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