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How to Delete Game Center App from iPhone

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September 3, 2012

When you make a decision on buying an iPhone (or any other Smartphone) you are deciding on buying a package of little programs that come pre-loaded on your hardware.

What is this app about?

One of these little programs is Game Center App. This nifty program is great if you want to sink your gaming with other players, show of your results or find all your iPhone games by tapping this icon.

This is all great if you are a hardcore gamer or a person that likes to spend some time alone, playing games on his/ her iPhone. On the other hand, if you are business-oriented or you prefer some other services available through your smart device, you might find these gaming icons in your way while you’re browsing the touch-screen for the needed services. Nobody likes to stumble upon the same icons all the time while they don’t use it.

So, how to get rid of this little pest?

Deleting any other app is easy as a tap. Tap, hold, wait until the icons start shaking and delete the one you want to be removed from your iPhone. It is not the same with Game Center App because it comes preinstalled on your iPhone.

So, how to delete something that is not made to be deleted? It is hard and some may say not possible since this is a part of iPhone operating system (same as iTunes Store app or Clock app).

We will go through different methods you can use for deleting (or simply moving out of your way) this Application. We will start with the simplest method, the one that everyone can do without doing any damage to the iPhone.

Moving the icon out of your way

Just because this icon seem to be stubborn and it acts like it wants to stay in front of your eyes forever this does not mean that there is nothing you can do about it. How about using something that is so obvious; how about moving the icon (out of your way) manually with a simple move of your finger?

This is very easy to do and you can start with pressing the app icon and dragging it to the right of your screen and repeating this action until the icon is at the last possible page of your iPhone. This page will have no icons except this one. Once you did this, just press the Home button and voila, you won’t be bothered by this icon anymore as long as you do not decide to visit the last page on your phone

Move Game Center App into the folder

This method won’t help you delete the app as well as the one before but it can also help you move the icon out of your way.

Simply create a new folder in your iPhone (you can use this folder for stuff that you can’t delete and that you don’t want to use). Once you have created this folder just drag and drop the Game Center icon into this folder and that’s it (a tip- you need at least two apps to create a folder).

Use iPhone Jailbreak

This one is for the tech savvy persons and the ones that like to take a risk just to make a small change. If you think moving this app from the screen is a priority then you should definitely Jailbreak your iPhone. Once you’ve done this you should use the program for deleting this app from your iPhone but have in mind that this method is risky and at the end you may end up with a piece of hardware without any app, not just the one you wanted to delete in the first place.

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