7 Ways to Increase Your RSS Followers

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December 14, 2012

There are a number of effective ways on how you can increase your RSS followers. If you are thinking of doing this for your website, then take a look at these seven important ways, follow them carefully and you will definitely be able to increase your subscribers in no time.

Write Top-Quality Content

One of the first and most effective ways to increase your RSS followers is through improving the kind of content you have on your websites. Make sure that your content is top-quality, is focused on what your website is all about and also has the necessary keywords that can help it rank high on various types of search engines. People don’t want to follow content that isn’t any good. For a second, think about the websites you follow. Why do you follow them?

Make Your RSS Buttons Visible

One of the best ways of increasing your RSS followers is through making your RSS buttons visible. There’s absolutely no point in putting your buttons somewhere where your readers will not see it because a lot of readers will only click on the button is their eyes land on it. Remember, none of your readers will search for this button so make sure they find it at a glance.

Email Blast

If you are unable to strategize on the location of your RSS button, then it might be a better idea to send out an e-mail to all of your regular readers. Take that extra step in informing them that you have an RSS feed and encourage them to sign up for it.

Make Your Subscribers Public

For the purpose of possibly encouraging your other readers to subscribe to your RSS feeds, make sure that you show off the subscribers that you already have. This shouldn’t be a problem because no personal information will be disclosed anyway. This is just a good technique to inform other readers that other people are already actively involved in your website. People generally love to follow a list that has thousands of viewers.

Make Your Website Interactive

One way of encouraging people to sign up for your RSS feeds is by providing them with an interactive website. This means that your website is not only content savvy, it also allows people to interact with each other and comments are more than welcomed at all times.

Respond to Comments

Given that your subscribers can comment on whatever topic they wish to comment on, it is also a must that you make them feel that their comments are not left in vain. A good technique is to remind to all comments as engagingly as possible. If you really don’t have anything to say then at least acknowledge that you’ve read it.

Subscribe to Other RSS Feeds

At all times, love begets love so if you want people to subscribe to your feeds, make sure that you subscribe to theirs as well. This way, you are both even and you gain as many followers and subscribers as you wish.

Take all these seven effective ways into consideration and chances are, you will never find any difficulty in making sure that you get an increasing amount of RSS followers every day.

Kathy is from the cost helping resource Howmuchisit. When she’s not writing guest posts, she helps consumers find out what things cost in life.

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