Manage your posts only Reloaded WordPress plugin

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October 20, 2011

Guest blogging has become very popular these days. Lots of blogs allow guest posts on their blogs as it helps them grow content on their website as well as help the contributors to gain backlinks and some publicity on the site. For users on WordPress, the simplest way to obtain guest posts is to open the site for registration to contributors so that they can contribute their posts with ease. But many of those who want to get guest posts wouldn’t want the contributors see the posts by others or the number of posts that are on the site. WordPress lists all the posts that are on the website on the dashboard of the user. Well if you don’t want the contributors to see the posts by others, Manage your posts only reloaded plugin can be of use. You can download it here.

Manage your posts only is a very handy plugin and it works pretty much right out of the box. All you need to do is to download and install the plugin and Voila; all the posts by other users will be hidden to a contributor. The contributor can only see the posts that he has contributed, and everything else including published posts, pending posts, drafts etc. by other users or the total number of such posts are hidden to him. This will keep him from knowing what others are posting, how many posts are pending and other details like that.

The plugin was originally called Manage your posts only. Even though the plugin prevent the display of posts by other users, it did show the number of published, pending posts by them. So, I modified the plugin and now it hides the total number of posts by others as well to a contributor.

Manage your posts only reloaded can be very handy for blogs that allow guest posting. The plugin just lets the contributor exclusively manage his posts. All the posts are shown only to the main administrator of the website.

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