3 Computer Tips to Make Your Computer Work Better

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September 25, 2011

Computer is a device that is prone to any form of danger attacks from any angles. In fact, computer can get infected with viruses and Trojans horse from any area which is unknown to its owner at many times.

Therefore, computer owners therefore need to be extra-careful when it comes to using his computer so as to protect the computer from all forms of dangers that may arise thereafter. In this article are the three top computer security tips to help you secure your computer system from virus attacks by making it work better all day long.

computer tips

This computer security tips that I am sharing with you has really helped me when I was still using my old computer system, before I later bought a new HP Compaq laptop with a free voucher  discount offer from Amazon store in the UK. It was just the same, like when I got cheaper shoe and HP printer discounts from Gravity Defyer and 48hourprint respectively.

Therefore, here below are the awesome tips I have to share with you to help you secure your computer by making it work better for you without getting faulty.

Frequent Scanning of the computer for Virus

Your computer is your storehouse especially if you are using it for a very powerful task like blogging online. You need to protect it from all forms of attack that may occur to it due to your negligence to care for it.

In order to get your computer system working for you every time you want it to, do not allow a week to pass without a thorough scan of all bad sectors on the system. With a scheduled weekly or daily scan of your computer system, you are making way for a pure and healthy computing but, if you do not scan it frequently, something else bad might happen to the computer like virus attacks, Trojans attacks and some others.

Scan your system as soon as possible and make sure that you always protect your computer everyday and every night.

Proper Control over Your PC User Account

Another thing that you need to do for your computer to stay healthy every time is taking proper care of how other person uses your computer. Nobody can use your property the way you are using it, and for this reason, you need to keep track of how other people like your family members and others uses your computer.

If you share your computer with any other person in your home, make sure that you limit what the person can use the computer to do so that you can be able to get the best of your computer at all time.

However, if at all costs, you must to give your friend or family member access to your computer system, make sure that you limit that person’s access to a limited one so that the person can have little access to all what you have on your computer and thereby keeps your PC working better.

Always Defrag your PC for Errors

The word ‘defrag’ simply refers to checking up of your computer system for any forms of errors. If you want to keep your computer at the right pace all the time, make sure that you always scan your computer for any forms of errors that can affect the computer. Checking computer for errors can be somehow tricky for some people. But, it is not if you know how to do it, and it will not cost you anything than little time you would spend doing it.

If you want to access your computer option for disk scanning, go to C: drive, and then right click to and select “properties” option and then chick “error checking” tab and immediately the system will ask you that it will restart in order to run full scan disk option.

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