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3 Kindle Cover Options You Might Not Have Considered

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April 4, 2012

Whether you have a brand new Kindle Fire or an old school Kindle DX, you’ll want to protect it from everyday wear with a case or cover. The good news is with so many options, you don’t have to settle for a boring or featureless cover. The most common design is a flip-open style case which protects both the front and the back of your Kindle blah blah blah. Instead of going over run of the mill covers, this post will review three styles of Kindle  covers which look great or make using your Kindle even more enjoyable.

1. Classic Book Style Covers
There are a number of covers which have surfaced (especially for 2011 Kindle tablet models) which resemble classic, hard bound books. My favorites are made by Verso, now LightWedge. Instead of just sticking with the classic brown, their lineup includes an array of color patterns including olive green and burgundy. If you want to create your own unique classic or vintage cover, M-Edge will custom make one for you along with just about any other design pattern you can come up with.

2. Lighted Kindle Covers
This is one of the most useful covers hands down. This style includes a built-in viewing light. This cover is quite convenient as it gives you the ability to have adequate reading light anywhere and everywhere. The reading lights tend to be powered in one of two ways. The first being by way of the Kindle reader itself. While a little bulkier, the second method is via batteries which are concealed in the cover. Adjustable light levels and light positioning are two features which not every lighted cover have, but are important to consider.

3. Make Your Own Cover
Last but not least. While this option might not be for everyone, it is an option to consider. Making your own cover is not only cheap, but opens the doors to unlimited color and pattern options. All in all, it takes about one half yard of fabric, some sewing and a few hours of your time. You can add either a pouch or four corner elastic mounting system along with additional storage pouches too. There are plenty of videos online which will walk you through the process step by step.

I hope you found these three cover ideas helpful. There are literally thousands of Kindle covers and cases available. The best place to start is to research various styles of covers to hone in on what you like/require most. Above all you’ll want to find a cover that is in your price range and that has the protection and design you’re looking for.

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