Effective data removal on Mac

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August 6, 2012

For many people a notebook or a PC became a real vault for personal data. Just imagine: everything we deal with every day – Internet searches, our interests (which can easily be tracked, though), our videos and photos (including the ones that have not only you, but also your relatives or friends), a lot of additional personal info is stored every day on the hard drives of our computers.Personally I am a Mac user, because this system is known to be more intelligent and secure than Windows is.

But yet everything is not that good – that’s why I’m starting this topic. Sometimes we have some kinds of data that should be deleted . It doesn’t matter what kind of data it is, and personally I don’t care about yours – but yet are you sure that when you give your Mac to the service center to upgrade the RAM, or to replace the HDD, no one will ever download data from it? Are you sure that he or she will never try to sell such data to those who want to know something about you on some reason? I don’t.

Personally I have found only one decision of such tasks – I have to make reserve copies of some kinds of info on my Mac and delete (note – PERMANENTLY delete) all the unwanted info when I give my Mac to a service center or somewhere. Because I have heard the frightening stories from such centers employees – about watching and copying someone’s nude photos or self-made erotic or porn movies for private watching (I suppose Pamela was not too happy when she found that video in the Web, eh?), and many other things I don’t want even to think about. So here are my decisions – in the order of usage (well I’ve actually tried a lot more, but these ones seem to be most effective):

WipeMac – a well-organized and completely understandable utility which helps to erase Mac data once and for all. I’ve tried using it for several times – it seems to be quite adequate and it performed its tasks quickly and thoroughly. A nice program, I’ve got nothing to say against it.

DBAN – an interesting solution from a couple of programmers. I’ve tried it only once, but yet it looks very reliable – I’ve studied the algorithm of deletion process carefully and I’m sure it is worth being installed.

Permanent eraser – a very quick and reliable solution. I suppose it works on other platforms except Mac – so you can easily check it even on Windows. I have tried it once as well, and after that I’ve tried to recover the deleted info – no chances. A good software for deletion, solid B+ (only B+, because the interface isn’t so well-anticipated like in previous software programs I’ve used).

Stellar Wipe Mac – I’ve used it for really a lot of times, and I made a lot of experiments like deleting data and then recovering it. I’m sure that an ordinary person (even with specialized software) will not be able to recover your data, if it had been deleted with Stellar. A good program.

MacKeeper – the one I’ve recently bought and, frankly speaking, a very good one. Except for permanent deletion function, it offers a bundle of other features like Anti-theft, Defragmentation and Cleaning. Suppose it’s one of the best ones I’ve had – data deletion is highly thought over and everything else comes at hand often. A very good application.

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