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3 Affordable Data Solutions for Small Businesses

These days, more and more small businesses are finding their data difficult to manage, to say the least. With new developments in business regulations – such as the 2002 Sarbanes-Oxley Act – businesses are required to keep more data on hand than ever before. Your small business may need to save financial records going years back, presentations, video files, and even all the company emails that come through your system.

Effective data removal on Mac

For many people a notebook or a PC became a real vault for personal data. Just imagine: everything we deal with every day – Internet searches, our interests (which can easily be tracked, though), our videos and photos (including the ones that have not only you, but also your relatives or friends), a lot of additional personal info is stored every day on the hard drives of our computers.Personally I am a Mac user, because this system is known to be more intelligent and secure than Windows is.

How to Fix Database Corruption Issue in Exchange 2010 Server?

Microsoft Exchange Server, a messaging tool, is one of the most reliable and highly used applications. To increase usability and high availability of its services, Microsoft time to time adds different advance features to this efficient application. However, sometimes this application starts behaving abruptly and denies accessing its database items. One of most prominent reasons of this abrupt behavior is corruption in Database files.

Mac OS X Photo recovery knowledge base

I can bet, like my Mac drive, your system too is flooded with huge stock of photographs including your personal and professional events like birthdays, school/college excursions, family album, a toddlers first steps and of course your first date. But wait a second, have you ever thought of loosing almost every piece of those moments. I know for us, it’s a nightmare no one wishes to face in the entire life-cycle. In fact, no one would imagine such a disaster in his or her dreams. Here are some tips on Mac OS photo recovery.

How to copy an XP user profile to another XP running computer

Bought a new computer recently and migrated all your old data there? If you already have a user profile with user data on your older PC, you might want to copy that as well to the new computer. On Windows XP, you can easily copy user profile data from your older computer to the newer computer.