5 Reasons To Buy Solid Ink Sticks Online

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March 10, 2011

One of the things you can do for your printing needs is buy all of your ink online. There are five very distinct reasons why doing this is a good option for yourself or business. Some of these points may seem obvious, but when you carefully look at the reasons behind them they become even more compelling. So next time you need to stock up on ink cartridges, shop online for the best bargains!

1. Lower prices: By limiting your search to just the local stores you really are handcuffing yourself as far price is concerned. By using the internet to shop for your cartridges you can price compare many different stores very quickly. There are many price comparison websites out there that you can use to help you with your search.

2. More choice: One of the most difficult, and costly, things to shop for is replacement ink for printers. Generally speaking you will need a specific kind of ink to work in your printer, but the local stores may or may not carry the ink you are looking for and even if they do there is no guarantee that they will have it in stock. Online retailers can give you a better selection and you can see right away whether the product is in stock or not.

3. Compatibles: The third reason goes right along with selection, but instead of looking at it from a single product perspective, the internet can provide you with cartridges from alternative manufactures for the same printer. While the OEM ink for your printer may be extremely expensive, a third party version could easily be half as much for many popular lines and especially for laser toners. Again finding these items is best done through internet searches.

4. Auctions: If you use any of the auction sites out there you may be able to find used or in some cases even new ink cartridges that you can bid on. By doing it this way you can save yourself a ton of money, especially if you are patient in your bidding. If you are looking to get a back up or emergency stock of ink, this is a great way to go about it.

5. Incredible convenience: The last reason to shop online is how convenient it is. You could waste countless hours driving to the store and back replacing all of the ink cartridges for your printers, whereas you can find everything you need and have it sent directly to your doorstep without ever having to move from your computer by shopping online.

James works at one of the leading online stores for printer cartridges in the UK, Cartridge Save, and has been an active guest blogger for over a year.

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