Google improves search suggestions

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May 22, 2009

Many popular search engines including Google these days suggest queries as you type them. The suggestions appear in the drop down menus. These are very helpful as they let you see the related keywords searched by other people. Google has recently made its suggestion feature just better. 

google search suggestions
Previously in the drop down list, you’d get the related keywords as you typed them and the number of results each would return. Clicking on a result would take you to the results page. But now, you’ll find a lot of features added to the suggestions drop down. You can get many desired results right on the dropdown without any Google Search Tricks. However, you cannot see the number of results that a query would return. The drop down will now be populated with interesting stuff like direct links, related keywords, personalized results and sponsored results as well. The suggestions appear even when you are already on a results page.

Google has started serving sponsored links in the drop down menu. This seems to be of much higher importance as the ads appear even before a search is done. This space in the search query dropdown is sure to be of high competition for advertisers. Google has also added the “I am feeling lucky” and the “Google Search” button in the dropdown as original buttons would get obscured by the dropdown.

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