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December 15, 2011

New artists come up every month or so, even more the music albums. Its hard to keep track of all the trending music and therefore people handpick the top ten songs that rule the chart. For a good mp3 download experience, you can find a number of sites that help you pick a song through their top 10 or top 100 lists and download them. If you don’t know where to look for the trending songs, give Iomoio a try.

Iomoio maintains a good list of music that are trending in the US, UK and Canada. The USA Top 100 chart lists the top 100 songs that are most listened to or downloaded in the USA. This list pretty much contains all the songs that are gaining popularity among different age groups. Similarly the charts with lesser volumes are UK top 10 and Canada top 10 charts where you can find the songs popular in those countries. Aside from that, the coming soon list gives an idea of what albums are being released in the near future. You can also download mp3 songs of any album on the fly.

The new albums and bestsellers collection are featured in the main section of the website. You can also search for any artist or any particular song using the search box at the top. Iomoio not just lets you learn about the trending music but also lets you download them on the fly. Iomoio can be a good place to start looking for songs that are trending the market.

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