Video now available for free Flickr account

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March 3, 2009

For free users, the fun of enjoying videos in Flickr was not possible.  But now Flickr has added a feature letting the free members to upload videos as well.

Flickr wants to see what everyone from Pro users to free users users have to share. So now, free members can also upload videos on Flickr. But the videos are limited to 90 minute length per video and a free user can upload a maximum of two videos every month. Users can upload their videos with Flickr Uploadr version 3.1.4 available from the Flickr’s Tools page. Previously this tool was available for pro users only.

HD videos uploaded by the pro members can now be enjoyed by everyone. Clicking on the HD icon in the player will let the viewers enjoy the high quality videos. The HD videos can only be uploaded by pro members but the free users can enjoy watching them to the fullest. HD videos have also been added to Animoto.

Flickr Clock is a Flickr project for letting us view the videos constantly being uploaded on Flickr’s servers with respect to the timeline. You can also check out Flickr clock.

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