Grasshopper Review – Run Your Business Using your Cellphone

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A virtual phone system is an internet based phone system and communication platform that allows you to make calls on the go over the internet instead of traditional phone lines. For ay small or big business, these kind of telephone systems can be extremely beneficial as they help save on the costs being much cheaper than traditional based carriers especially on international calls, help you become more productive as using these systems, you can make a call from any place that has a reliable internet connection or simply by using your phone’s data plans, allow you to enjoy advanced efatures like customizable voicemail, call forwarding, call logs and a lot more.

vpsVirtual Telephone systems will enable you to look more professional in a number of ways. You can get a customizable, easy to remember phone number which are otherwise a bit difficult to obtain from traditional landline phone provider telecom companies. In the constantly changing dynamic world, entrepreneurs work from non-traditional office spaces or are changing locations for their office constantly. Now if you use an internet based virtual phone system, your number can remain the same, no matter where you are located. You can even get a local number based on some other location or overseas. If you are a serious business owner for whom getting on a call with clients is an extremely important, day to day chore, its high time you got yourself a virtual phone system.

Introducing Grasshopper Virtual Phone system

Grasshopper virtual phone system is a popular phone system designed for small businesses and entrepreneurs, allowing them to stay as productive as they can be, no matter where they are located. You don’t have to buy a single piece of hardware and if you have any modern smartphone, you are all set to get started with Grasshopper. They have cutting edge tools which you can benefit from immensely.

Who is Grasshopper Virtual Phone System for?

Grasshopper, as mentioned earlier is targeted for entrepeneurs as well as small business owners who need an always-on PBX service that doesn’t cost them a fortune. Big corporations have no problem shelling out thousands of dollars on their telephony systems but for small or mid sized entrepreneurs , this can be out of the range of their budget. Its also great for those who are generally on the move but still need to keep in touch with their clients, while remaining professional.

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Grasshopper Virtual Phone Review and Features

Here are some of the most compelling features of Grasshopper.

Grasshopper’s Unlimited Number of Extensions

Every subscription of Grasshopper comes packed with great features. There is an option for unlimited extension on all of their plans. Each department or employee at your office can have their very own extension. So if you have virtual customer support staff spread across many locations, you can easily assign them extension numbers that will allow your customers connect to them directly.

Mobile apps for iPhone and Android

Grasshopper’s mobile app is available for both iPhone and Android. The app itself is loaded with a plethora of features and has everything it takes to organize your phone calls, voice mails etc.

Business Hour calls

If you receive a call after the business hours, you can easily send that call to voicemail. But if get a call that can be taken after business hours, you can simply answer them.

Grasshopper’s Local phone numbers and Toll Free numbers

You can pick local phone numbers of choice on Grasshopper that will give your customers an impression of local presense. Not just that, if Toll Free numbers are important for your business, you can pick that too with ease.

Grasshopper’s Vanity Number Feature

Vanity numbers which are easy to remember can make a great first impression on people about your business. Many businesses claim that this also helped them improve their conversion rates. You can get vanity numbers in the format 1-800-GOT-MAIL. Although a lot of vanity numbers are already taken, you can still get one if you are creative.

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Grasshopper Review Conclusion

Grasshopper really shines among its competitors as one of the solid internet based virtual phone system providers. It comes loaded with great features, has a great customer support and what not. If you are really serious about your business and need a reliable communication system that will allow you to stay connected with your clients, receive and make calls from/to your business number and want to enjoy other great features like toll Free numbers, customized multiple voicemails etc., Grasshopper is a great choice.

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