What is Your Favorite Cloud Storage Service

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October 13, 2012

The forthcoming of cloud storage has unfixed all established notions about backing up of digital information that can be accessible form any device and at any time. Thanks to the cloud servers you can store your important stuff including music, video, pictures, documents and other worth tricks in a secure way. Having analyzed all the dedicated apps for keeping your info, sharing of protected files, stuff syncing via numerous devices and plenty more, we have marked out the best ones. So go through the brief review on how the cloud storage landscape is shaping up on today’s market arena and determine your favorite Cloud Storage Service relying on the program pros and cons.

Google Drive is a free service essentially focused on file storage and synchronization. This groundbreaking cloud provider additionally offers you the cooperative editing of multiple documents whether it’s an image, spreadsheet, presentation and supports over thirty different kinds of files. Surprisingly, Google Drive can open the desired file in Photoshop even in case you don’t have it on your PC. One more notable service peculiarity is that the uploaded image or picture with text content can be scanned in order to make the searching process easier than ever. On top of that Google Drive showcases a Quick-Look window allowing to browse all opened files in a prompt way. Speaking about the common cloud storage features, you may use 5GB of cloud memory for free and from 25GB to 100GB on a monthly-based subscription. In general Google Drive provides the cloud service for the devices backed by Windows, Mac OS as well as for Android tablet PCs, high-spec handsets, iPhone’s and  iPad’s.

Dropbox service is widely known as the simplest file transfer that specializes in cloud storage, file synchronization and sharing. The Dropbox technology permits the service users to upload any files, locate them in different folders and then synchronize with other authorized computers and devices via Dropbox’s Internet service. At the same time, you can carry out the manual file adding through one of your web browsers including Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. Moreover Dropbox service is supported by Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. Regarding the mobile devices and smartphones you can leverage this service on iPad, iPhone, Android-based items and BlackBerry handsets. To conclude we can state that Dropbox is one of the leading cloud services, but not the cheapest one. To this extent, you will be able to use only 2GB of free space and 50GB or 100GB for a considerable amount of money.
Apple iCloud is a top cloud service that provides the storage and synchronization of files. In a few words this is an awesome item especially for large Apple audience. First and foremost, iCloud allows its users and customers to store and to share any data they want using their iOS-based devices. At first glance the Apple’s brand new product can appear as not the super innovative idea, but can you image how it will simplify the file sharing via numerous computers and devices. As you may know all the media purchased from Apple Store can be played back only on one authorized machine; in case you want to reproduce it on any other device you will need to acquire the new license. Thanks to Apple iCloud you won’t have the problems like that. Now you can store all your media and other digital documentation on iCloud service and access it from any device you like. Take into consideration that iCloud supports iOS devices as well as Windows-based computers and portable devices. The storage pricing is quite democratic. So you don’t have to pay if you need only 5GB of memory space. Accordingly, you will always be able to buy the additional storage in the form of 10, 20 or 50 GB.

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