Drrop – Interact with people through Drrops

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September 14, 2010

Drrop Logo A new Japan based website Drrop has been launched that will let you interact with people with the help of Drrops. You might ask what a drrop is. Well a drrop is like a status update from people who you may know or not know and you may see those drrops only once once you wipe them away.

Drrop is a text posted or drroped by someone in the world within the last 24 hours. If you drop something, people will not be able to see it after 24 hours from when it is posted. You can come across a drop only one time. The developers of Drrop say,

“Once you wipe a drrop, you will never see the same drrop again. As a rain drop hits you only once in its life time, a drrop can be encountered only once.”

But yes, if you want to come across it again, you can Save it or Reply to it.

Drrop InterfaceDrrop seems like a very interesting service and the interface is very clean. Anything you drop is just like posting a status on Facebook or Twitter. So, it can be taken much like a social networking site of a kind. On the top, you have a text box where you can post your Drrop. Below it, you can see random drrops from people with their thumbnail images. If you want to save a drrop for future reference, just hit the Save button. Or else, wipe it out with the Wipe button or press the shortcut F2 key to go to the next Drrop.

You also have a drop bowl where you can see the stream Drrops from random people. You can choose to show only your Drrops or all Drrops. But the Drrop bowl doesn’t get updated in Realtime, maybe they will enhance the Drrop bowl very soon. You can directly reply to Drrops from the Drrop bowl.

You also have an option to switch to the Simple Gleaning view. The Simple Gleaning view is same as the main view, except that it doesn’t show the Drop bowl. At the bottom, you’ll find a Feedback box for sending comments about the site.

There are certain things that Drrop needs to look over. Like any link you share on Drrop just appears there as normal text; i.e. it isn’t hyperlinked automatically. It would be great if one visit a link shared by others simply by clicking on it, unlike copy pasting it.

The interface of Drrop is very elegant, minimal and easy to use. With more users, the site could be a great place to spend your time and interact with people.

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