Quickest way to know your IP Address

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October 30, 2011

Your IP address generally varies depending on your internet service provider. Some ISPs(Internet Service Providers) give you a fixed IP that doesn’t change while some others may provide you with IP address that changes every time you reconnect. There are various tools to see your IP address on the internet. But the easiest one now seems to be Google itself.

Yes, you can now easily know your IP address using Google. Just type “IP” or “ip” and Google will show your IP address instantly. You can also search for “IP address” and Google will still return your IP address alongside other search results. Google mentions in their help page that if you type [what is my ip], you will be shown your IP address. Either way it works.

Google has mentioned that if your network is assigned an internal IP address by a Network Address Translator (NAT)(the NAT hides the internal IP addresses from websites and makes the network appear to outside computers to have one single IP address) to located in your router or modem, Google returns the external IP address assigned to your network.

This happens to be the easiest way to see your IP address.

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