5 Ways to Make Facebook More Productive

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May 25, 2012

Social media has become the new preferred platform for a company, or a person, to speak and communicate with the greater public. No longer is it necessary to have a public relations expert or media exposure, because social media allows a person or company to do it entirely by themselves. Of course, it does take some effort and expertise to do it properly. These days, Facebook is one of the most popular- if not, the most popular- social media site on the internet. For many, Facebook is a way to waste time and procrastinate, but there are ways to be productive on Facebook, and there are ways to get the most out of it in the process. Keep In Touch

One thing Facebook is great for is keeping in touch with family and friends who may be a long way away. Lets face it, there are some people we all want to keep in touch with, but do not necessarily want to have to speak with them on the phone everyday or even every week. Facebook is great for this reason alone. You can communicate with friend and family without having to call them or even send them e-mails. There are tons of features available through Facebook, which make communication with friends and family easy and convenient- and maybe best of all- brief.

Job Hunting

You would be surprised how much Facebook can help during a job search. In today’s world, one of the best job resources is word-of-mouth, especially from family members and friends. Instead of going through tons of job listings online, you can simply post  an update or group e-mail via Facebook and reach hundreds or maybe thousands of people (depending on how many friends you have on Facebook) at one time.

Event Planning

Facebook is a great resource for not only finding things to do, but also planning the things to do. With a few clicks of the mouse, a person can create an event, promote the event and invite as many people as they would like in the process. This is also helpful because you can plan ahead for the event by keeping track of how many people are planning to attend. Event planning on Facebook is very simple and much more convenient than event planning through a third-party website or any other kind of event planning service.

Sell Yourself

Facebook offers a great avenue for self-promotion. Hundreds of thousands of artists from every stripe use Facebook as a way to sell their goods, promote their blog or website and to make connections and network with like-minded individuals. Facebook offers apps that offer plug-ins that make cross-platforming very easy, for example between WordPress and Facebook and between Twitter and Facebook.

Support a Cause

Social media activism has caught on like the common cold. It is unknown whether this is a good thing or not (there are arguments for both sides) but it has definitely changed the very nature of activism. Social media has made people more aware of various issues, as Kony 2012 has shown.

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