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Top plug-ins to enhance Facebook experience

Plug-ins today not only enhance your experience of a particular software but complete it. Once you start using the right plug-ins, you will wonder how you ever got through never using them at all. Every application has something that you can add to – whether it is browsers like Chrome or Firefox, social media tools like Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, or your own smartphones – Android or iOS. For Facebook however, the most popular social media network, plug-ins can personalize your experience all the more. You can choose from a variety of plug-ins depending on your need, which do everything from reading aloud your Facebook messages to returning a poke automatically, but here are a few which have made the top list, by popular use, and which are used across platforms.

Display your Facebook Status on your WordPress Blog

With more than 3 billion global monthly searches, ‘Facebook’ has become the most searched keyword on Google. This social networking website has pioneered and revolutionized the domain of communication, sharing, and socializing. With roots originating from a university dorm, Facebook has grown in leaps and bounds over the past five years to become a billion-dollar public company.

Facebook Advertising – A New Avenue of Making Users “Like” Your Brand

There are many things that offer you plenty of opportunities to promote your products and services to the defined target audience. With growing demand, Facebook and other social media channels have managed to get up to the marketing expectations of the companies. With a great platform, Facebook presents the clients with an excellent engagement site. The latest avenue which has worked wonders for many companies offers a versatile system that can create links for the visiting users. Such a system helps the company in measuring the liking trend and thus; it will further assess the exact shares.

5 Ways to Make Facebook More Productive

Social media has become the new preferred platform for a company, or a person, to speak and communicate with the greater public. No longer is it necessary to have a public relations expert or media exposure, because social media allows a person or company to do it entirely by themselves. Of course, it does take some effort and expertise to do it properly. These days, Facebook is one of the most popular- if not, the most popular- social media site on the internet. For many, Facebook is a way to waste time and procrastinate, but there are ways to be productive on Facebook, and there are ways to get the most out of it in the process.

Educational Leadership: Taking a Page from Social Media

The popularity of social media continues to expand as technological improvements make it possible to connect with people in whole new ways and this has not only caught the attention of marketing departments. Those creating educational policy and attending educational leadership graduate programs have begun to pay very close attention to the development of some of these tools. While many K-12 districts place restrictions on social media use within schools, many others have found ways to take advantage of these services and tools. Oftentimes, this integration is controlled and monitored, but it still engages students in a way that traditional measures do not.

Facebook buys Instagram! Do you know why?

Facebook has added yet another feather to its cap and this time it’s the Instagram app. It is a free app initially developed for iPhone users to share photos and videos. It has about 17 filters and colour balance to allow users make changes before it is uploaded. It’s quite amazing that Instagram has grown from zero to a drastic $1 billion in just 18 months of time with just about 13 employees in its credit.

The New Facebook Photo Viewer

Facebook photo viewer gets a makeover

Facebook keeps introducing changes to certain parts of their system off and on. The latest change brought about by Facebook is their revamped photo viewer. I was just checking out Facebook and noticed the new photo viewer. The photo viewer has gone through many changes in the past. I am sure you will like this new light box photo viewer.

How to easily add your app to your page on Facebook

You must be familiar with beautiful landing pages on Facebook. A lot of companies these days have set a default landing page for their Facebook like page that looks beautiful and in most of...

How to easily insert memes in Facebook chat

Memes can also be inserted in Facebook chat. But inserting memes as such isn’t very easy. Facebook chat emoticons Bar is a greasemonkey script that adds the functionality to easily insert memes on Facebook chat.