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Movavi Video Converter

Without a dedicated Video converter, your software collection is apparently incomplete. Due to a large variety of devices and file formats prevalent in the market today, the usage and popularity of video converters have increased a whole lot more than the yester years. From smartphone owners to tablet owners, all need video converters to convert any video to a suitable format for their devices. If you are in the lookout for a video converter that would meet all your requirements, Movavi Video Converter can be the best tool for you.

How to sync audio with video in unsynced videos with GOM Player or VLC Player

There are some video files that may be corrupt and wouldn’t play well. Or there are some others that may not be corrupt but would be with some glitches. For example, we sometimes come across videos where the audio doesn’t perfectly sync with the video. Even if there is a lag of 10 seconds, it would wreck the whole experience. But don’t worry, if you want to sync audio with the video by a few seconds, you can do so easily using GOM player or VLC Player.


Cancel out surrounding sound with Klipsch’s Mode Headphones

So you’ve gone out and spent all of your hard earned pennies on a new top of the range MP3 player able to hold more music than you will ever own in a life time. You’ve bought a brand new case for it to protect it from bumps and scraps and even invested in a fancy new plug in charger. But, did you buy a new pair of headphones?