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5 Great Online Tools to Take Advantage Of

If you are running a business, you will always want to effectively manage your resources. One great way to achieve success is to leverage on online tools that can definitely help your business grow. On top of that, there are even sites that will allow you to offset costs while ensuring optimum results.

3 awesome productivity apps

Being productive is something that comes along fairly easy these days, but staying productive…well, that is a whole different subject altogether. We live in a busy bee world, but we also live in a world that is constantly occupied by distractions. With the entire internet being available to us, at our beck and call, at all times, it is tough to stay focused on tasks, and it is even tougher to remember every little thing we have to do in one day. But, because the world is more connected than ever before, we can also use those very same distracting computers for good- such as helping us remember everything we have to do in one day and to help us become more productive no matter where we may be at any given time.

How to backup your emails to Evernote

Evernote makes note taking a breeze. You can also send notes to evernote using email by sending an email to a private account given provided by Evernote. You can use this handy feature to backup all your emails to Evernote. Here is how you do it.