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Top 7 Fitness Apps For Fitness Junkie

You can mention fitness apps among the things Android and iPhone smartphones perform quite well. This article mainly focuses on seven top fitness apps. All of these top fitness apps depend on GPS technology to give speed data and location, though some could be adapted for treadmill or indoor as well. But remember to protect your smartphone in a strong case when using it for fitness activities; since these phones are not waterproof.

Top Fitness Apps For iPhone

Who needs the gym? with the right apps you can be your own personal trainer. In this article we will take a look at some of the best fitness apps for iPhone.

Top 6 iPhone and Android Apps for Weight Loss

Smartphones not only help you organize your tasks, there are many apps for your smartphone these days that help you lose your weight. Here’s the list of top 6 iPhone and android apps for weight loss.

6 Best Android Apps for Health and Fitness

Gone is the spring and summer is moving towards its peak — it is time to have outside and be in shape. It is right that your iPhone has lots of apps for tracking the calories and kilometers to be in shape. However, there are plenty of health related apps in the market of Android, too.