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Top 6 iPhone and Android Apps for Weight Loss

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May 14, 2012

Smartphones not only help you organize your tasks, there are many apps for your smartphone these days that help you lose your weight. Here’s the list of top 6 iPhone and android apps for weight loss.

Lose It!

One of the ways to lose the weight is calorie consumption of calorie, but no one has the time or the calculation abilities to keep track. With the help of the Lose It! App you can take care of that how many calories are in that diet of any mixture and how much work out you needed to do to burn them off. Also, you can enter your plan for weight loss, present weight, age and height. Lose It! will also inform you accurately how many calories you should need to consume every day to achieve your goal.

Thin Cam

This weight loss app is very useful for the lethargic dieter. While it may be little uncomfortable to bring out your iPhone and start snapping images of your diet inspite of your associates at the banquet table. You will be pleased when you will get a complete analysis of your diet practice from Thin-site’s in home health specialists and personalized guidance on weight loss.

Weight Watchers

Losing weight with Weight Watchers is feasible, but you have to do some work. There are points concerned and it can get little perplexing trying to calculate how many points are agreed for each food. The Weight Watchers Mobile app gives you a diet point guide and besides this hundreds of easy little fat recipes. One of the matchless qualities of Weight Watchers is, dissimilar to other diets, you do not need to perform it alone. If you want to sympathize with Weight Watchers colleague, you should type in your zip code to discover close by meeting places. This app is free but first you should be a subscriber of Weight Watchers to employ it. Nevertheless, probable subscribers are permitted to sample the features of app before assigning to a membership.


How frequently we really pursue the dieting strategy laid out by the food pyramid? Numerous diets suggested lessening down to the 5 food sets to 3 macro nutrient groups: carbo-hydrates, fat and protein, and consuming forty percent, thirty percent and thirty percent of each. The 40:30:30 app permits you to track these percents for each meal to make it sure that you are consuming the accurate percentage of each one. It is practical and free.

Pret-a-Yoga Lite

Yoga is useful work out but, if you are not a skilled yogi, it is almost unworkable to do properly on your own. In its place of paying for costly yoga classes and being restricted to teachers’ agenda, you should get the Pret-a-Yoga app for ninety and nine cents and perform yoga at home when you want to do? You should follow along this instructor of app, as it directs you through the images, breathing cycle and the meditation of yoga.

Diet Point

The app of Diet Point for Android is a quick, simple, and free way to track calories and weight watchers tips for any diet. This Diet Point app also gives you a grocery list for a diversity of diet strategy and it includes a BMR, BMI and every day energy consumption calculator as well as many tips how to lose the weight.

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