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Compare upto three Android Phones at Google Phone Gallery

Comparing Android powered mobile devices side by side would make it easier to have an insight on their features and make better decision while buying one. Google’s Phone Gallery has a gallery of all the available android phones and lets you compare up to three Android devices side by side at a time.

Compare Android Phones via Droidthing

Android phones are some of the trendiest gadgets in the market. There are lots of Android phones produced by different companies and if you go out to buy one, you won’t be sure, which one to buy. You’ll be looking for something which is the optimum choice in regards to price, features and overall quality. Droidthing lets you compare every Android phone and tablet released or available in the market. It is a database of all android phones and their features so that people could find the perfect device for them. You can compare Android phones with Droidthing based on a number of features.

Wadja-Send free sms worldwide and much more.

You might have tried to send web sms to your friends staying abroad. But very few sites offer free web sms and if they do, they do not let you send it to any place in the world. If you want to send free sms worldwide, then Wadja.com is there for you.